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National Centre for Groundwater
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NCGRT Research

The NCGRT enhances Australia's environmental, economic and social wellbeing by undertaking scientific research and training to improve our understanding of Australia's groundwater systems.

We are committed to delivering high-quality, interdisciplinary research that provides quantifiable results for Australia's scientific, industry and government communities.

Through our linkages with world-leading groundwater researchers and their organisations, we have built unsurpassed project teams to respond quickly to the most challenging groundwater research priorities.

We are currently directing collaborative interdisciplinary research that addresses some of Australia's most pressing groundwater challenges. More information on our key capabilities can be found below.

Research Capabilities

National Centre for Groundwater Research & Training [NCGRT]

NCGRT is a collective of world-leading groundwater scientists and educators from our partner universities, government and industry organisations.

Our purpose is to advance our understanding of Australia’s groundwater resources and to train the next generation of groundwater researchers.