Coastal Hydrogeology

Coastal Hydrogeology

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The groundwater in coastal zones is a critical freshwater resource relied upon by cities, agricultural areas, and rural communities across Australia. Coastal groundwater is threatened by saltwater penetrating from the sea (seawater intrusion) and serves as a pathway (through submarine groundwater discharge) for the transport of land-based pollutants to marine ecosystems. The study of coastal groundwater requires consideration of complicated processes arising from tidal mixing and the density difference between freshwater and seawater.

Researchers within NCGRT are leaders in the advancement of coastal groundwater research, including the understanding of seawater intrusion, tidal propagation into aquifers, geochemical processes, and estuary-aquifer interactions. Our research includes continental aquifers that have coastal boundaries and the highly threatened fresh groundwater of island aquifers, including those of neighbouring Pacific nations. Methods of investigation include intensive field measurements using a wide variety of physical, chemical and geophysical techniques, numerical simulation, analytical mathematics, and laboratory sand tank experimentation. Coastal groundwater systems and groundwater-dependent ecosystems in South Australia, Queensland, New South Wales, and Western Australia have been characterised by NCGRT researchers to support management decision making.

Selected Publications

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