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Program 1: Innovative Characterisation of Aquifers and Aquitards


Groundwater is a crucial resource, but to manage it effectively we need to know much more about our underground water systems. When data on underground geological properties is limited or non-existent, incorrect management decisions could be made.

Addressing these concerns is the focus of Program 1.  We seek to develop new field and laboratory methods to gather subsurface hydrogeological data, and to develop novel analytical methods to build accurate 3D geological models that link geological and hydrogeological processes.

As part of our research, we have established a centrifuge facility which allows us to measure the very slow rates of water movement in aquitards. We are also using novel geophysical and geochemical techniques to characterise water movement in both aquifers and aquitards. Our geological modelling is focusing on novel geostatistical approaches to improve 3D geological models and to better quantify uncertainty.

Researchers within the program collaborate across the NCGRT, and we work closely with the NSW Department of Primary Industries and Geoscience Australia. We also make extensive use of the NCRIS Groundwater Infrastructure long-term monitoring sites at Wellington and Namoi in NSW. 

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