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Program 2: Hydrodynamics and Modelling of Complex Groundwater Systems


Using groundwater modelling as a vehicle, Program 2 brings together physicists, engineers, mathematicians, chemists, geologists and experts in remote sensing, to better understand groundwater dynamics. 

Program 2 is generating a series of new 3D groundwater models and simulation tools which are simpler to use, more accurate and reduce the uncertainty of the data that policy and decision makers use.

The new tools consider a wider range of environmental, geological and physical data sets. By overlaying and analysing these complex data sets, scientists are addressing fundamental questions such as how groundwater flows, how geology affects solute transport, how the environment influences groundwater levels, and how groundwater and the subsurface interact.

This knowledge is enabling dynamic groundwater systems to be better protected and managed.

Researchers are working on:

  • modelling groundwater interactions with lakes and streams
  • model calibration and data sourcing to improve groundwater models used to assess surface water – groundwater interactions
  • understanding how subsurface and groundwater fluids affect groundwater flow
  • how environmental tracers can be used in assessing groundwater age.

A sample of Program 2 projects can be found in the box to the right. 

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