Research Programs


Groundwater research in Australia has entered an exciting new era. 

The National Centre for Groundwater Research and Training allows researchers and professionals from many disciplines to pool their expertise. Research at the NCGRT is grouped into five major research programs, which together will help to unlock the secrets of Australia’s subsurface water systems. 

Groundwater is often called the forgotten resource. Despite the fact that groundwater accounts for over 30 per cent of Australia’s water consumption, we simply do not know enough about this vital water resource, and how to manage it.

With severe droughts and climate change placing extreme pressure on existing water supplies, there is an urgent need to expand our knowledge.

The NCGRT coordinates the efforts of nearly 200 Australian and international researchers – many of whom are internationally recognised as leaders in their fields.

Meet our Researchers


At the NCGRT, nearly 150 researchers from 12 universities are pooling their groundwater expertise. More

NCRIS Groundwater Infrastructure


NCRIS Groundwater Infrastructure is building groundwater research infrastructure across Australia. More

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Researchers from the NCGRT are carrying out groundwater research at various locations across the country. More

Research Publications


Collaborative interdisciplinary research addressing some of Australia's most pressing groundwater challenges. More.