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Media Release: Trading 'could help save our groundwater'

A well-designed trading scheme could help protect one of Australia’s most precious resources for the future, its groundwater, as well as... Read more

Underestimating infiltration

by Jason Whyte In studying the infiltration of water from rivers to the soil underneath, Flinders University postdoctoral fellow Jordi Batlle... Read more

Groundwater Expertise for Laos

Visiting water scientists from Laos have added to their expertise by undertaking an Australian Groundwater School short course, and have also m... Read more

Tracing arsenic threat to groundwater

  In the driest inhabited continent on earth, underground water accounts for a large portion of Australia’s most precious resource &nda... Read more

Media Release: Aussies 'want to reuse stormwater'

Australians may strongly support the recycling of stormwater, according to evidence from three local water surveys. The survey by a scientifi... Read more