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Flinders researchers tap into Ti Tree Basin

Groundwater experts from Flinders University are setting up one of the world’s largest arid zone groundwater studies in the Northern Territor... Read more

Media release: New way to protect precious water

Australian scientists have devised a way to model polluted groundwater with computer simulation – and better protect the Earth’s main f... Read more

Media Release: Cut water use to save bush

Australians may be asked to reduce their use of bore water in order to preserve their cherished native landscapes. Researchers at the National Cen... Read more

Media Release: Crumbling bores 'jeopardise nation's water'

Fifteen thousand collapsing bores – and a half-billion dollar repair bill – are endangering the future of Australia’s largest and... Read more

Media Release: Salt menaces coastal water supplies

Invading seawater threatens to pollute or destroy scores of Australia’s coastal water supplies, water scientists have warned. And in many ur... Read more