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Water research could help plantation timber industry

New research by a La Trobe University groundwater specialist indicates that strategic placement of tree plantations can boost their commercial valu... Read more

Media release: Million year old water – Australia's vintage drop

  The most ancient water so far found in Australia is 1,100,000 years old and comes from a region of the Great Artesian Basin in northern Sou... Read more

Media release: Australia 'Must Help' in World's Silent Water Menace

posted in: Groundwater, International

  Australia should take a lead in tackling the emerging global crisis in groundwater, says one of the nation’s most eminent water s... Read more

Coming to grips with uncertainty in groundwater measurement

Swiss born Dr Gregoire Mariethoz from the University of New South Wales has recently been promoted to chief investigator in Program 1, in r... Read more

US Groundwater Gong for NCGRT PhD Student

NCGRT PhD candidate Zijuan Deng (pictured) is the only Australian in 2012 to win an award from the US-based National Ground Water Research ... Read more