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NCGRT Director a finalist in Eureka awards

Professor Simmons, Director of the National Centre for Groundwater Research and Training (NCGRT), headquartered at Flinders University, and Inaugur... Read more

Media Release: Turning up the heat on our precious water resources

Water scientists are using heat to measure the extent to which some of Australia’s inland rivers and streams could dry up due to over-extract... Read more

Media Release: Researchers explore ‘inner space’ to predict our water future

Leonardo da Vinci once remarked “we know more about celestial bodies than the Earth underfoot”, and in 500 years not a lot has changed ... Read more

Media Release: Farmers want water 'banked' for future droughts

Australian farmers want excess water from large floods to be ‘banked’ in aquifers, for use in dry times. A survey by researchers at th... Read more

Media Release: Australian continent takes a big drink

Devastating at the time, the major floods of 2011 have since brought a vital benefit by recharging Australia’s depleted reserves of undergrou... Read more