Research Projects

The NCGRT enhances Australia's environmental, economic and social wellbeing by undertaking scientific research and training to improve our understanding of Australia's groundwater systems.

We are committed to delivering high-quality, interdisciplinary research that provides quantifiable results for Australia's scientific, industry and government communities.

Through our linkages with world-leading groundwater researchers and their organisations, we have built unsurpassed project teams to respond quickly to the most challenging groundwater research priorities.

We are currently directing collaborative interdisciplinary research that addresses some of Australia's most pressing groundwater challenges including;

Understanding the impacts of mining, unconventional gas and hydraulic fracturing on groundwater resources;

Supporting the successful implementation of the Murray-Darling Basin Plan;

Assessing the potential role that groundwater can play in underpinning the sustainable development of Northern Australia; and

Maintaining Australia's water security with a focus on tackling the challenges associated with urbanisation and climate variability.

More information on our individual research projects can be found below.



MDBA/NCGRT Strategic Groundwater Research Partnership

The MDBA-NCGRT Strategic Groundwater Research Partnership research program was a $2M 3 year research initiative designed to deliver important technical and scientific support for decision-making in the Murray- Darling Basin.

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ARC Linkage - Milingimbi Island

This industry focused, inter-disciplinary research project aims to develop a methodology for community-led adaptive water management on resource constrained islands. It involves Indigenous communities in the development of predictive numerical groundwater

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ARC Linkage - Pilbara Region

NCGRT and Rio Tinto are combining their expertise in a major ARC project to understand groundwater flow and groundwater mixing processes within the Pilbara region of northwestern Australia.

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Goyder Institute - G-FLOWS

Finding Long-term Outback Water Solutions. Improving our understanding of groundwater resource potential in remote, data-poor areas to support communities, industry and the environment.

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Goyder Institute - Assessment of Adelaide Plains Groundwater Resources

Working to improving the quantitative characterisation of flow processes; modelling platforms; and, updating the description of groundwater flow mechanisms and current and future responses.

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Unlocking the Potential for Groundwater for the Poor (UpGro)

Hidden Crisis: Unlocking the Potential for Groundwater for the Poor (UpGro) Hidden Crisis: Unravelling current failures for future success in rural groundwater supply

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