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To better manage groundwater, first understand it

It may be out of sight, but it should not be out of mind. Water hidden beneath the earth’s surface comprises 98% of the planet’s fresh... Read more

Groundwater books: Investigating Groundwater by Ian Acworth

Investigating Groundwater by Professor Ian Acworth Investigating Groundwater provides an integrated approach to the challenges assoc... Read more

Understanding underground water at mine sites

In-depth studies into understanding underground water at mine sites – and to improve the management of Australian and NZ snapper fisheries &n... Read more

Gigantic freshwater aquifer below the Atlantic

If you dive deep enough off America's northeast coast you'll find something surprising under the Atlantic Ocean: freshwater. A gigantic aq... Read more

Aussie researchers lead breakthroughs on PFAS

This article was originally published on the Australian Water Association’s Water Source website. Australian scientists are leading th... Read more