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Groundwater Down Under: NGWA International Brown Bag Series

Discover why there has never been a better time and greater opportunity for groundwater research, education, management, and policy reform to make a material and urgently needed difference to the long-term management and sustainability of critical groundwater resources in Australia — and globally — during this half-hour online presentation.

This presentation will discuss some key Australian groundwater challenges and opportunities in areas including policy/management, research, technical practice, education/training, and overarching governance/institutional arrangements such as the:

Securing of the Great Artesian Basin

  • Successful implementation of the Murray-Darling Basin Plan
  • Impacts of unconventional gas and hydraulic fracturing on groundwater
  • Mining and groundwater
  • Proposals for the future development of Northern Australia
  • Role of groundwater in urban and rural water security
  • Safeguarding environmental and cultural flows
  • Impacts of climate change on groundwater.

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