Salinity trends in the McLaren Vale PWA

Author(s): Harrington, N, Villeneuve, S

Publication Name: Salinity trends in the McLaren Vale PWA

Date: 2011


The McLaren Vale prescribed wells area (PWA) is located south of Adelaide, South Australia and includes the major sedimentary and fractured rock aquifers of the Willunga Basin. The groundwater resource helps support a large viticulture industry in the basin.

The McLaren Vale PWA Groundwater Status Report 2009‐10 emphasized the trends towards falling water level and increasing salinity occurring in each of the main aquifers in the basin and suggested additional work was needed to identify possible causes.  Further investigation of salinity and water level in the Willunga observation and McLaren Vale irrigation well networks has found that salinity levels in many of the wells have stabilized in response to increased winter rainfall in 2009/10. Water levels in some wells have also shown a rising response to this increase in rainfall. 



Download: Salinity trends in the McLaren Vale PWA (6.22 MB)


Harrington, N, Villeneuve, S 2012, Salinity trends in the McLaren Vale PWA, NCGRT report.

Subject Areas:
Salinisation Processes


Nikki Harrington


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