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A re-evaluation of groundwater discharge from the Burdekin Floodplain aquifer using geochemical tracers

In this study, the sampling survey by Cook et al. (2004) was repeated to compare groundwater discharge to surface water and the marine environment from the Burdekin aquifer at the end of the 2004 and 2011 wet seasons.

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Assessing Connectivity Between an Overlying Aquifer and a Coal Seam Gas Resource Using Methane Isotopes, Dissolved Organic Carbon and Tritium

Coal seam gas (CSG) production can have an impact on groundwater quality and quantity in adjacent or overlying aquifers. To assess this impact we need to determine the background groundwater chemistry and to map geological pathways of hydraulic connectivity between aquifers.

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Evaluation of approaches to modelling surface water – groundwater interactions around drains in the South East of South Australia’, Phase 1

This report provides details of a preliminary study into the spatial and temporal variability of surface water‐groundwater interactions around the drains in the South East, and the  utility of electrical conductivity (EC) and radon measurements to quantitatively and qualitatively assess these processes at a regional scale.

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Incorporating the effect of gas in modelling the impact of CBM extraction on regional groundwater systems.

This report highlights the significant errors when standard groundwater simulators predict CBM-induced drawdowns. Successful testing of an alternative Richards formulation approach to account for CBM gas phase. The equilibrium is observed between pressure and water s ofaturation in multi-phase flow simulations. The parameters for Richards approach can be directly inferred from local reservoir simulation studies. The method allows accounting for the presence of gas while enabling regional CBM impact modelling.

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Late Cenozoic paleovalley fill sequence from the Southern Liverpool Plains, New South Wales—implications for groundwater resource evaluation

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Quantifying climate and pumping contributions to aquifer depletion using a highly parameterised groundwater model: Uley South Basin (SA)

This report investigates the relative contributions of climate variability and pumping to aquifer depletion. A highly parameterised, spatially distributed modelling approach is adopted. Results show that the contribution of pumping to aquifer depletion is approximately two times that of climate. Uncertainty in model predictions is quantified using linear theory.

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Salinity trends in the McLaren Vale PWA

Further investigation of salinity and water level in the Willunga observation and McLaren Vale irrigation well networks has found that salinity levels in many of the wells have stabilized in response to increased winter rainfall in 2009/10. Water levels in some wells have also shown a rising response to this increase in rainfall.

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Willunga Research Update - October 2012

The National Centre for Groundwater Research and Training (NCGRT) is utilising infrastructure in the region to carry out research in areas that have been identified as priorities for the Willunga Basin. This report provides an update on that research.

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