Groundwater Research Project in the Gold Coast Hinterland

Employer Queensland University of Technology (QUT)
Location Gold Coast , Qld, Australia
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QUT has previously established a network of groundwater bores for monitoring groundwater resources in the Tamborine Mountain area. The local community has continued to monitor a limited number of these bores but there are still significant gaps in data and knowledge relating to the groundwater resource on Mount Tamborine.
The priority research questions that need to be addressed are:
1. What are the key processes controlling groundwater level trends?
2. What are the characteristics of groundwater-surface water interactions?
3. What are the current recharge rates and how do they vary spatially?
4. What is the level of connection between upper and lower aquifers?
5. What are the current levels of groundwater extraction and how do they vary spatially?

The Scenic Rim Regional Council has agreed to fund a program of research includes a 3 year PhD project ( to improve our understanding of the groundwater resource on Mount Tamborine and assess the current status of this resource. The methods that have been proposed for this research project include: groundwater and surface water monitoring, geochemical analyses, community consultation, and detailed data analysis.

If you are interested in undertaking a PhD project on this topic, please send a brief research proposal and your CV (including research experience/publications) to Lucy Reading:

Application Closing: 30 Apr 2017

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