ICE WaRM Short Courses & Webinars

ICEWaRM Online Courses & Webinars

ICEWaRM's courses are not-for-profit and follow a tradition of industry-led teaching where professionals give the benefit of their knowledge and experience to tomorrow’s leaders. 

Online Course: Dam Breach Modelling
Online Course 1: Unconventional Gas - Water and the Industry
Online Course 2: Unconventional Gas - Water Treatment and Recycling
Online Course 3: Unconventional Gas - Policy and Regulation

ICEWaRM Webinars

ICE WaRM run free webinars delivered by highly-regarded international water professionals. The webinars encourage knowledge-transfer and capacity-building across a wide range of disciplines in the water sector. 

Connecting Flow and Ecology in the Koshi Basin, Nepal
Advancing groundwater-dependent ecosystem detection using radar