Course description

This course aims to provide an understanding of natural groundwater chemistry, which is an important tool in managing groundwater resources and water quality, in particular. It will provide a basic skill set which will address many pressing challenges facing groundwater hydrogeologists in Australia. These include, but are not limited to, examples of:

• inter-aquifer leakage (related to CSG)
• surface water–groundwater interaction
• acid mine drainage
• groundwater flow and evolution
• tracing source of groundwater.

Who should attend

Hydrogeologists, environmental scientists, groundwater consultants, engineers, project managers, and regulatory/compliance officers in the public and private sectors will find this course valuable.

In-house training

We can tailor this course to meet your organisation requirements or community. Our education unit can adapt any of our high quality courses to suit your needs or develop an entirely new program specifically for your organisation.

If you would like the Hydrochemistry course delivered in-house or in your community please contact our staff by phone 08 8201 5632 or e-mail enquiries@groundwater.com.au. Please email your company name, preferred location and contact details.