Field Trips

Field trip 1: Blue Mountains Field Trip - Friday 14th Jul 2017 - full day


Field Trip 1: Blue Mountains - Cost $60pp

Register your interest to take part in a one day trip to the Blue Mountains (depart Sydney in morning, back in the evening).

The sites that will be visited include 5-6 stops starting from the lower Blue Mountains and going up on the plateau, where the participants will be able to see the wetlands, waterfalls, and overview of geology and history of the Blue Mountains will be provided and we will have a picnic lunch. Cost is $60 AUD per person with extra for lunch. Details will be confirmed at a later stage.

Field trip 2: Orica Botany Groundwater Cleanup Project Field Trip - Friday 14th Jul 2017


Register via online conference booking - limited place available!

Field Trip 2: Orica Botany Groundwater Cleanup Project (14th July 2017 - 2 hours $20 pp)

The Orica Botany Groundwater Cleanup Project is the largest such project in Australia and one of the most complex in the world. The site is located approximately 20 minutes drive by bus south of UNSW at the edge of Botany Bay. The Botany Industrial Park and adjacent areas has been contaminated by chlorinated hydrocarbons due to historical manufacturing at the site that no longer occurs. The objective of the groundwater remediation project is to prevent the migration of contaminated groundwater from entering Botany Bay and long term to reduce the contaminant mass. This is achieved by the installation of a hydraulic barrier and treating the captured groundwater in the groundwater treatment plant prior to discharge.

The field trip to the site will provide an overview of the Botany Groundwater Cleanup Project with historical context, hydrogeological setting, regulatory approach, groundwater treatment plant, environmental monitoring and how the contamination is being remediated. The discussion will be provided by Orica scientists working on the remediation project for many years. The format of the tour will be a bus ride to the site and viewing salient aspects of the project from within the bus followed by a more detailed discussion in the project office. It is expected participants will be on site for approximately two hours with 30 minutes travel time each way.

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