Field Methods School

Become familiar with a range of classical and contemporary field techniques you will be able to confidently implement in your daily work.

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Program (PDF)

This intensive three-day training course will provide participants with hands-on practical experience in designing and executing aquifer pumping tests, as well a selection of techniques used to purge bores and obtain groundwater samples for a range of routine and novel analyses.

This is your opportunity to become familiar with a range of classical and contemporary techniques you will be able to confidently implement in your daily work.


The field methods school is a practical course intended for water industry professionals including field technicians, NRM boards, water utility operators, mining sector staff, ecologists, hydrographers, compliance officers, hydrogeologists and hydrologists who wish to further develop their fieldwork skills. It assumes a low level of prior technical groundwater knowledge and will suit all backgrounds and interests. 


This course is led by Dr Ilka Walllis, Senior Lecturer at Flinders University. Additional lectures, demonstrations and tutorials are given by leading groundwater professionals. Our presenters are experienced hydrogeologists and specialists in both public and private practice, from industry, universities and research agencies.

Lead: Dr. Ilka Wallis, Lecturer, Flinders University
Prof. Howard Fallowfield, Flinders University
Tavis Kleinig, EPA Adelaide
Dr. Kent Inverarity, DEW Adelaide
Adrian Costar, DEW Adelaide
Assoc. Prof Andrew Love
Dr. Eddie Banks, Flinders University

Dr Ilka Wallis - Lecturer, Hydrogeology, College of Science and Engineering, Flinders University

Ilka Wallis is a hydrogeologist with areas of expertise in quantitative hydrogeology and geochemistry. Ilka focuses on the development of reactive geochemical transport models which integrate fundamental processes that are normally studied in isolation (hydrogeological, mineralogical, geochemical and biochemical). Areas of specialisation include the assessment and prediction of the variability of the redox zonation in aquifers, the corresponding impact on the fate of pollutants (such as nitrate), water quality changes during managed aquifer recharge, incorporation of environmental tracer data into geochemical reaction networks (age indicators, such as Helium/Tritium), the mobilisation and remediation of metals (such as arsenic) and the quantifying of feedback mechanisms between chemical reactions and physical flow in aquifer systems.

Ilka obtained her MSc at Christian-Albrechts-University Kiel, Germany and her PhD at Flinders University, specialising on the quantification of arsenic mobilisation and attenuation by coupled flow and multi-component reactive transport modelling. In the past, Ilka Wallis worked at the Geological Surveys of South Africa, Great Britain and Germany and at Aquaterra Simulations Pty, Australia and has lectured at Rhodes University, South Africa, the University of Pretoria, South Africa and Bremen University, Germany.

Ilka is an associate editor for "Hydrogeology Journal" since 2013. Ilka is an Adjunct Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, University of Manitoba, Canada since 2017

We welcome any suggestions from delegates on specific topics you would like to see explored. Please email comments to: